What a Wonderful World On Michigan Ave

Tri-X 400
Illford RC MG
#3 contrast
Scanned with HP 1510

Skewed Bridge Off Canal Street, Chicago IL

Next to Canal Street
Shot with Tri-X 400 (a pretty grainy film so the picture looks almost old)
Developed with D-76 on Ilford RCMG
Some Burning done
Scanned with a HP 1510

Gutless Art in The South Side of Chicago

Taken on Tri-X 400
Printed on Ilford MGIV RC
Scanned using an Espon 4990

Layers of Holiday Inn

Layers of Holiday Inn
The Holiday Inn at the Merchandise Mart, just outside the loop. Taken at night and messed around a bit with. (I'm still mostly working in film now, so those pics will take time to show up)

Neon Lights in Daytime

Neon Lights in Daytime
I'm shooting in BW Film for the next two months, so you'll be seeing less of me.